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Bshs 407 - Family Violence Analysis

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Family Violence Analysis

Maisha McCord

BSHS/ 407

October 16, 2018

Marcia Winter

Family Violence Analysis

The police report submitted on March 17th, 2016 at 9:00 am in Anytown Police Department. After careful review of this police report and speaking with both Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith I can determine that are many types of family violence taking place in this case. Since family violence can take almost any form such as physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, and sexual it was very clear In this case to determine what family violence was occurring. Family violence can cover a huge range of behaviors committed by one family member to the next. Behaviors such as physical abuse, pushing, and hitting, sexual abuse. Calling someone out of their names and exhibiting controlling behaviors. Going out of your way to intentionally hurt or harm a member of the family’s property. Economic abuse which includes controlling a family member’s bank accounts and money without their consent and knowing. Anytime a family member fears for their safety and the safety of other people or any animal us all categorized under family violence. (Family Violence And Children, 2014).

Physical violence was mentioned by Ms. Smith, Mrs. Jones and by the eldest daughter Arielle. Family violence is normally about power and control, and it seems that Mr. Jones seeks the power by trying to control how the money is spent in this family, which causes conflict and issues within the family.

Issues related to family violence and how they may affect the family

Other issues presented in this case that are forms of family are physiological, Ms. Smith stated that she meet Mrs. Jones when she was only 15 years old and he was a friend of the foster brothers and that is how they meet. Ms. Smith seems to have underlying issues from being in foster care as a child. Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith both have expressed that they have substance abuse issues and drugs play a huge role in their relationship and family dynamics. Physical violence seems to be a huge part of the relationship and family dynamic with Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith. After the interview with the daughter, it was brought to the attention that the kids and the family do not eat on a regular base, and a bit of child neglect and child endangerment is happing in this family. The abuse that is taken place in front of the two children will affect them in the future, this seems to be an ongoing thing that has happened where the kids watch their mother be physically and verbally abused by their father. Family violence can cause not just children but the victim, physical and psychological harm. Family violence can pass from one generation to the next, some children who experience family violence become violent adolescents due to learned behavior and a feeling that their world needs controlling.


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